Hi Provet Cloud users!

Petmedchain is a new, free and easy-to-use basic feature of Provet Cloud.

Petmedchain is the technical platform where the health data is stored, and the product used by animal owners and hereby profited from by vets is Petmeddata.

Joining Petmedchain, hence Petmeddata is possible for Provet Cloud users in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, and Spain .

Petmeddata is an electronic health database for animals.

For more information please visit www.petmeddata.com

Giving the customers their animal’s health records in an electronic form, on their mobile devices, is appreciated and wanted customer service.

Your clinic can offer them this for free!

The animal owner decides who can see a holistic view of the the animal’s health from Petmeddata.

The most important sections of the treatment history can be shared by the owner and seen in different clinics through Provet Cloud’s History.

Clinic staff also see the owner’s own entries, such as texts and files.

Comprehensive treatment of animals is facilitated when, for example, diagnoses, discharge instructions, medications and laboratory results ​​can be found in chronological order in one place.

Getting started at the animal clinic is easy!

Please order from us (help@petmeddata.com) free of charge marketing materials:

Posters for the waiting room and examination rooms and brochures for customers.

Even without the materials you can start using Petmeddata.

Provet Cloud will do a big part of the marketing for you.

Provet Cloud Settings -> General -> Integrations -> Petmedchain-> Registration

-> choose which areas of information will move from your clinic to Petmeddata

We recommend enabling as a minimum the

– diagnoses

– discharge instructions

– foods

– medications

– laboratory results

Those are the ones that offer the customers the most value.

Giving the customers these specific areas in an electronic format means they will not come talking about the EU-regulation GDPR and how you actually have to provide them with ALL the information you have ever gathered about them or their animal anywhere.

No one can see the price or payment information or the clinic’s private notes&communication.

The names of animal clinics are displayed to customers in Petmeddata and to colleagues in the Petmeddata visit history of Provet Cloud. Single veterinarians will be made as anonymous as possible.

You know the connection of Provet Cloud and the Petmedchain -> the web application Petmeddata works when a grey paw appears in the upper right corner of each patient card

The information on previous treatments will appear in the animal’s History of visits.

The Petmedchains connection to Provet Cloud is not constantly updating itself, since we do not want to slow down all Provets. To retrieve the newest information added to Petmeddata by colleagues or the owner, please press the Petmeddata button of the Data source.

This can be done once every 10 minutes, so if nothing appears in the history, no new information has been added by any party.

How do I get customers to use Petmeddata?

Option 1.

Please check the owner’s phone number and email address.

When an invitation is sent during a vet visit, the existence of the animal is confirmed, and the invitation can also be sent to a pet without a microchip.

1. Give a brochure about Petmeddata

2. Ask if the customer wants you to invite them via SMS or email to Petmeddata, an electronic system that works easily on the owner’s cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Accepting the invitation will bring the most important parts of the pet’s clinical history from your clinic to the owner.

3. Press the grey paw on the patient card (upper right corner) -> Send Petmeddata invitation.

You can send a free of charge SMS or email to the owner.

The owner will receive a text message and / or email containing a link.

Tapping the link and following the instructions allows the partial treatment history of this specific patient card of your clinic to be transferred to the owner.

The link works for two weeks after the clinic visit.

Option 2.

If the patient card has already been linked with Petmeddata, this Option 2 will not apply.

When the clinic is registered as a Petmedchain user, and if the animal’s patient card is not already linked to Petmeddata, on each invoice and discharge letter will automatically be printed a Petmeddata advertisement and a QR code after the animal has been checked out of the clinic.

If you do not print papers, but send them via email, a Petmeddata advertisement and a clickable link are implemented in the email.

Reading the QR-code with a mobile phones camera or clicking the link result in getting the partial treatment history of that pet from your clinic to Petmeddata. This only takes a minute!

It is possible to use the QR code or link for two weeks after the clinical visit.

Option 3.

Customer works independently:

Customer registers and creates a pet profile with a microchip number

-> The customer presses the + – button at the bottom right of the pet profile

-> “Share Medical Records”

-> “Search clinics”

-> Customer searches for the clinic and shares the pet’s profile.

Clinic staff:

When a customer shares a profile with a clinic, the paw of the Provet patient card turns red.

The microchip is necessary as well in the Petmeddata-profile as in the Provet Cloud patient card. The profiles are combined with the microchip number.

In the Provet Cloud patient card appears a box containing the information shared from Petmeddata: microchip, Petmedchain ID, name, species, bred, date of birth. Tick the round box next to the microchip number and press the green Verify button on the right. The patient card paw turns green. The connection works.

Research makes the lives of vets and patients better!

When owners start using Petmeddata they agree that the anonymous pet health data can be seen into by animal health researchers. Researchers will not see the official name, microchip number, registering number etc. specific information on the animals.

Researchers will not see any data on the owner.

The information on the vets is minimal and appears only in vaccination and microchipping details.

For an example universities will be able to do better research and create better understanding of diseases, their treatment and invent new therapies and even drugs.

Petmeddata helps veterinarians to be able to treat their patients better first of all by providing the holistic view of the patient history and hence minimising misunderstandings and mistakes, and second of all by helping create better treatment options.