Easy access to all your pet’s medical data.

Petmeddata is an electronic system for storing your pet’s medical records in one place.

Have your pet’s medical records always with you!

Until now, the medical records of pets have been spread across various health care providers, such as different vet clinics, pet massage therapists, pet osteopaths etc.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to store all your pet’s medical records in one place, and always have them with you wherever you go?

You are now able to register in the Petmeddata web application and add profiles to your pets!

Benefits of Petmeddata

  • You will have your pet’s medical history with you all the time and everywhere. For free!
  • You don’t have to tip in the information yourself, professionals will do this for you!
  • By providing researchers anonymous details on your pet’s health you will promote the overall health of animals
  • Add notes of your own. You are also able to add photos or videos of your own. This way you can keep track of for example wound healing or development of the pet after surgery.
  • We’ll provide you with fun facts and helpful hints to help you keep your pets healthy and happy!

There is still much more to come – sign up for Petmeddata now, so you’ll always get new content and features first!