A pet’s health records in your pocket

Pet owners

Petmeddata –
What is it useful for?

The pet’s owner will have the pet’s health information available everywhere, always. All the pets’ profiles and health information are in the same place.

The owner can save notes, attachments, photos, and videos in Petmeddata, which a veterinarian can view if needed.

If the owner allows, the veterinarian can see the patient’s treatment history in Petmeddata, even if they went to another veterinarian.

Fewer obscurities, more success!

Being a part of Petmeddata, you will automatically support the research of animal health, so thank you for that! Petmeddata helps to research diseases and to develop new treatment methods and medicine. The researchers of animals’ well-being have restricted access to anonymous health data. They will not get information about veterinarians, pet owners, nor individual information of pets, such as residence, official name, or microchip number.


How to get the pet’s data from the vet clinic?

Option 1

  1. As you visit a vet clinic, update your client information.
  2. The clinic will send you an email and/or a text message through a patient card, which allows you to authorize the clinic to export your pet’s treatment information to Petmeddata. These messages will include an URL link (link used to access a particular website). The link will work for two weeks from the date of arrival.
  3. Click the link & register or log in.

Option 2

Discharge instructions for dispatch printed at the clinic contains instructions of Petmeddata and a QR code. The QR code contains your pet’s treatment history from that clinic. The QR code will work for two weeks from the date of printing or emailing.

  1. Go to www.petmeddata.com and register / log in
  2. Open Menu (top-left corner) -> receive / share
  3. Read QR code

Option 3

  1. Go to www.petmeddata.com
  2. Register and create a profile for your pet.
    Remember to enter the number of the microchip.
  3. Press the + symbol in the pet’s profile.
    ”Share health information”
    ”Search clinics”
    Share the profile to the clinic you want to request your pet’s treatment information from.
  4. Visit the clinic. The staff will read your pet’s microchip and confirm the linking.