Pet owners

Why register?

Your pet’s health care data is likely scattered around at different clinics and health care facilities.

Maybe you have piles of unorganised files and papers, all mixed with your own records.

Petmeddata is an electronic system for storing your pet’s medical records in one place on your mobile device.

Imagine the following situations:

  • You travel and take your pets with you. The pet gets sick and you have to go to an unfamiliar vet clinic. You remember that some blood values weren’t good last time, but you don’t know which ones. Your trusted vet can’t be reached, so all of that expensive blood work has to be repeated, poking your poor pet again. With Petmeddata, you would have the blood work results with you!
  • Pets always seem to get sick after hours and on the weekends. You have to go to an unfamiliar vet and your trusted vet can’t be reached. Your pet is allergic to an antibiotic, but you can’t recall which one. This leaves the vet having to guess what to prescribe. With Petmeddata access he could have the information about the allergic reaction.

How can you benefit otherwise from our product

You get a new pet

pet food companies can let you know about specific foods and offer you freebies and good offers.

online pet supply retailers can offer you deals and freebies.

insurance companies can make you good offers on insurances for your pet.

drug companies can let you know about products such as dewormers and flea and tick preventions.

kennel clubs can keep you updated on breed-specific information and happenings in your area.

FirstVet offers you the possibility of online video consultations with veterinarians. Extremely helpful if the situation isn’t life-threatening and you can’t get to a vet.

Allowing non-profit organisations to gather information on microchip numbers of pets can be very beneficial for pet owners. If your pet goes missing, you can notify these organisations directly from the app. When your pet is located, they could even contact you directly, if you have left that information.


Your pet’s birthday is approaching

online pet supply retailers can make suggestions on what to buy for your pet’s birthday.


Your pet gets older

pet food companies can let you know about specific food for your aging friend.

online pet retailers can notify you about good products and supplements to keep the aging pet fit.

Your pet’s name or microchip number will never come up anywhere.


Research is important to common animal welfare.

Giving researchers access to anonymous data is an act of good will and mandatory for using PMD. The pet’s name or microchip number will not be given further

If you do not agree on sharing your pet’s anonymous data to researchers, you can not be a part of the PMD community.

Here a few examples on how scientists might use your pet’s data.

  • Multiresistant bacteria are a huge problem and can cost the lives of both animals and humans. If your pet has bacterial samples taken for testing, this information can be gathered centrally, and scientists can use the anonymous data for their research.
  • Researching on your pet’s anonymous bloodwork may enable scientists to discover new parametres, new reference ranges or correlations between diseases
  • Researchers are interested in gathering data on genetic diseases in order to help prevent them.