The technology behind it all

The Petmeddata mobile application is built on a blockchain technology.

This is the technology that will be used in the future for health care systems for humans.

We are forerunners in the whole health care business, and especially in the pet industry.

This is the technology IT-specialists have described as a game changer.

The blockchain technology is often mentioned when talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Other new technologies mentioned as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we will be implementing into our system are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Blockchain is an extremely secure technology that uses cryptographic tools, sophisticated mathematical algorithms and innovative software rules.


Here is a very simplified description of how the blockchain is used for Petmeddata:

The patient data is provided by many participants: vets, pet osteopaths, pet massage therapists etc., and stored every time in a new block. The blocks form a chain consisting of mathematically coded information. If a block is manipulated afterwards, the code and hereby the whole chain changes.

The blockchain technology is based on the scattering of the information by enabling several participants to produce information. No one participant can own or change the information without others being notified.

This is the technology in our application, and the patient data is owned by the client. The health care specialists who add the information to the database cannot see the individual data stored on Petmeddata unless the owner gives them permission to access their account. In this way, the pet’s owner has the key to his pet’s health records on Petmeddata.