Petmeddata for partners

We are interested in having partners from various fields.

The desire that unifies us is the desire to make the lives of pets better and healthier.

A central pet health databank does not exist anywhere in the world.

Even for humans, a common health databank only exists in Finland and Estonia currently, and it shows just how far even human medicine has to go in order to make a central world healthcare database.

For pet owners and their pets, that reality is a lot closer. It is now possible to gather the healthcare information of pets and make it accessible to pet owners and other users that they authorise.

We are creating something unique.

Be a part of creating a revolutionary product. A product that brings different healthcare providers together in the name of the greater good: making our furry family member’s lives healthier.

Partners can come from these sectors, among others:

Non-profit organisations

  • researchers
  • laboratories
  • universities
  • kennel and breed clubs
  • government entities charged with controlling infectious diseases
  • etc.

Other partners

  • insurance companies
  • drug companies
  • pet food companies
  • pet supply retailers
  • producers of pet health trackers
  • producers of IoT-products for pets
  • etc.

PMD is extremely flexible.

We provide our partners with a blockchain node and an interface. Our partners may create a segment of their own using the interface, or our IT-experts can help to create it.

PMD offers several business opportunities. It could help your company in implementing your product such as a mobile application, marketing a product, providing modern customer service, or reaching out to the right customers in form of banner visibility or direct push-messages. There are endless opportunities on using PMD.

Please contact us to get informed on how we could collaborate with your company.